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Jawline Contouring

It’s understandable that you would want a strong chin and jaw—they are key components of an attractive face for women and men. When your chin lacks projection or your jawline isn’t defined, it can cause the appearance of jowling, heavy cheeks, and double chin, even if you’re young and fit.

The chin, jawline, and jaw angle define the lower face by visually separating the face from the neck, and are responsible for shaping the lower face. These anatomical areas help frame the face and can determine how masculine or feminine your face looks. Fortunately, at Georgetown Wellness & Weight Loss Clinic in Round Rock, Texas, our mastery of the art and science of dermal fillers means our chin and jawline contouring patients enjoy stunning results.

Considerations for the Chin

The chin is the focal point of the lower face and in many ways is key to the attractiveness of the entire face in general. The chin shape, height, width, and projection are all important, and though they are determined by underlying bone, fat, and muscle, they are adjustable with fillers.

The width, shape, and size are important determinants of the masculinity or femininity of the face. Masculine chins are wider, larger, and more angular than feminine chins.

Considerations for the Jawline

The jawline extends from the chin to the angle of the mandible, and frames the face, visually separating it from the neck. It is shaped by the underlying bone, but the prominence of the adjoining structures can affect the visibility and definition of the jawline. For example, sagging cheek skin can make the jawline less sharp.

Mandibular Angle

Located at the very back of the jawline curving upwards towards the ear, this is the posterior prominent point of the face. For both males and females, the prominence of the mandibular angle is important for a youthful-looking, attractive lower face. It is generally more prominent in men than women.


Georgetown Wellness & Weight Loss Clinic offers jawline augmentation, chin contouring, jawline masculinization for men, and jawline de-masculinization for women. They offer beauty, wellness, weight loss, and hair restoration services in Round Rock, Texas.

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