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Avoid a Facelift - Tips for a Younger Face without Surgery

Achieve the results of a face lift, without the surgery with PDO Threading. Our Round Rock, Texas medspa offers a variety of options for patients to avoid going under the knife.

Youthful asian woman with a nose ring and flawless skin

Do you pull your face back and want to look tighter and firmer but you don’t want to have surgery? Do you feel like your face is falling with a more prominent downturn of the mouth and jowls? There are strategies to avoid facial surgery and strategies to lift and contour the face and still look natural. At Georgetown Wellness and Weight Loss Clinic, we are advocates for supporting whatever direction you would like to go. We often make suggestions for facial surgery if our patient wants a more dramatic approach. Many of our patients what a more subtle and slower approach and here are some of the best tips to avoid facial surgery.

  1. Take excellent care of your skin especially if you have lighter skin tones. The sun will be your biggest aging factor. Skin will become loose and saggy if you tan and you will never have skin that is as tight as you want it to be on your face or body. All from tanning. Use medical grade skin care products like the ZO Skin Health line which incorporates powerful active ingredients for anti-aging. In addition, microneedling is a great way to strengthen the skin and rebuild newer collagen keeping you looking younger and refreshed.

  2. PDO Threading is an advanced face lifting & skin tightening technique that achieves drastic lift in the facial skin. PDO Threading reduces fine lines, wrinkles, jowls, double chins, and effects of gravity. Depending on your need, our team will suggest mini threads or full threads.

  3. Filler will be your lower faces best friend to keep you looking tight and lifted. Filler can be used around the mouth, the cheeks to lift, the jawline for definition and the lips and lip lines. Filler will be a replacement for natural volume loss. Filler is essential to maintain your facial shape. Filler can enhance your shape and contours as well but overall you will need filler just to keep looking like you long-term.

  4. Skin tightening treatments like Sculptra or Exilis Ultra shrink wrap the skin. Sculptra is a watery like substance with an active ingredient that stimulates collagen. Sculptra is done is a series of treatments and works slowly which is a primary reason people like it. Exilis Ultra uses radiofrequency and ultrasound which feels like heat to stimulate collagen in a different manner. Both treatments are options to contour the face. Exilis Ultra can also be used on the neck, chest as well as body to tighten skin.

  5. Botox or Dysport is a strong choice to fight aging. Botox relaxes muscles which create deeper folds, lines and wrinkles. Botox can also be used to lift the corners of the mouth, the eyelids and even the neck. Botox is a great resource to help you look your best at any age.

At Georgetown Wellness and Weight Loss Clinic, we can make a comprehensive plan to get you refreshed and still look natural. Check out our five star med spa reviews and our gallery of results. We are proud to serve the Austin, Texas community with integrity and proven effective treatments.


In addition to PDO Threading, Georgetown Wellness and Weight Loss Clinic offers dermal fillers like Juvederm and Restylane, microneedling with the SkinPen, chemical peels like the ViPeel and more. Georgetown Wellness and Weight Loss Clinic is proud to be an outstanding member of the greater Austin, Texas area, a Better Business Bureau member, and Best of Groupon winner. Check out our five star med spa reviews and recommendations. Call today for a consultation!

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